Company Culture

The Almoe Group prides itself in its employees, treating them as brand ambassadors. Employees are selected with equality and fairness, and when on board, are encouraged to take on new and challenging roles at any given opportunity.

The partners maintain an open door policy for all to feel comfortable in a family atmosphere, creating an environment where each employee is encouraged and supported. The company frequently engages in team building activities, sporting events and off-sites for employees to meet outside of work and engage in building relationships.

Furthermore, HR and industry-related trainings are regularly conducted in-house for staff to grow their skill sets and facilitate progress in their careers.

Key Facts

  • Founded in 1994
  • Almoe Group constitutes of 5 divisions
  • Over 40 renowned Audio Visual & IT brands
  • Consistent growth year on year
  • Almoe employs over 400 staff
  • Presence in 4 countries