Social Responsibility

We believe and recognize that success in business is deeply linked to society’s progress. Our investment in communities is also our investment in the long-term success of our company.

The Almoe Group runs a wide range of humane initiatives in the UAE, supporting various humanitarian institutions and community outreach programmes. Our social responsibility agenda embraces community campaigns, such as Autism and Children with Special Needs. One such example is a theatre production set up to raise money for autistic children in the UAE, where the company provided free AV support and full production services.

The company proudly holds its doors open for any deserving cause and does everything within its capacity to provide and be of service. We believe that our long-term success is tied directly to our ability to make a positive difference by serving the needs of our communities.

Key Facts

  • Founded in 1994
  • Almoe Group constitutes of 5 divisions
  • Over 40 renowned Audio Visual & IT brands
  • Consistent growth year on year
  • Almoe employs over 400 staff
  • Presence in 4 countries